Designs that tell your story

Your home should be an environment that gives you comfort and brings you joy. It needs to be a space that not only reflects your style and personality, but that serves a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. As your interior designer, I want to ensure that your design reflects the way you live your life—a design that tells your story.

Our Work

From concept to the finishing touches of your project, you can rely on us to deliver a personal plan tailored specifically for you. We welcome a collaborative environment—a partnership—because we want you to absolutely love your home, while at the same time exceed your expectations.

Our Team

Jamie and her team knocked the interior design of my office out of the ballpark. From flooring to window treatments, paint colors to lighting, Jamie was the driving force to help us create a workspace that is modern, inviting and creative for our staff.

Todd Muffley - Owner, Plan B Marketing - Carmel