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Design Services

Bringing Your Vision to Life—the Process

The necessary first step in defining any project is the initial design consultation. I start by learning more about you. More than just an introduction, this face-to-face time together will enable us to review your needs and design a personalized plan that is tailored specifically for you.

During our preliminary meeting, we will also discuss how best to implement your interior design plan, so you can decide how much time you can and want to devote to the process, which can be just as important as the finished product.

In the course of the Design Process, there are several options in which you can choose to be involved as a client:

Consultation Only

Maybe you know exactly what you want, but you need some guidance in achieving the overall plan. We meet together for a consultation where I listen carefully to your design objectives, comprehend the scope of your project and understand your style and tastes. During our discussion, I offer up ideas, insights and resources that help you complete the project independently without a professional designer overseeing the project.

Partnership to Completion

We work as partners throughout the entire process from concept to completion. It allows me to take full advantage of getting to know you in determining your lifestyle, preferences in style and the direction you would like to take, creating a finished project that is both beautiful and functional. Together, we will go to trade showrooms to review fabrics and furniture, as well as other establishments to complete your project. This could include visiting kitchen and bath showrooms, tile and flooring companies, as well lighting galleries. Upon showing you design options, we’ll work together on any revisions based on your input until the project is completed.

Presentation Only

Maybe you don’t enjoy the design process, or you don’t have the time to be involved with the details. After the initial consultation, I will narrow down the selections and bring a proposal for you to review. At this time, we will go over furniture selections, material options and other finishing touches necessary to complete your project. I will continue to bring your revisions until the final choices have been made and until the project is completed.

J. Gauker Interior Services include but are not limited to:

  • Design consultation

    Taking the time together to understand your likes, dislikes, needs and wants and offering you several options on how to proceed to the design and implementation phases of your project.

  • Paint consultation

    I partner with the major paint companies in the area in order to bring you a variety of samples, leaving you with a complete color palette so you can see first hand what works best in your home.

  • Complete Room Makeovers

    We can start from scratch or incorporate some of your existing decor to redo a room for a finished look.

  • Remodels

    I know the right people for your project, as I work with many contractors, from architects to plumbers to electricians and other professionals in the community, giving you the best resources to meet your needs.

  • Custom Window Treatments

    With access to thousands of fabrics, I will analyze your window(s) and help with fabric and hardware options to create a window treatment that fits your home and your lifestyle.

  • Window Blinds

    I’ll look at them as a key element of your design, both aesthetically and functionally.  Using professionals to do the measuring and fabrication, I represent Hunter Douglas and Lafayette Interior Fashions, which provide top of the line selections for any of your needs.

  • Space Planning

    One of the most important aspects of interior design, I’ll take the room’s needs and functions into consideration first.  Then we’ll develop a good floor plan, so you’ll know where to put any existing pieces that you already have before making any purchases.  Once everything is planned to scale and proportion, then we can discuss the right furniture, flooring, fabrics, window and wall treatments, accessories and any finishing touches to complete your project.

  • Furniture Selections

    We will review your existing pieces to determine how to incorporate them to your new design plan.  From there, we will work on selecting any new furniture to complete the room.

  • Accessorizing

    Helping you with this last important layer of design in your space, I can help you accessorize by starting from scratch or properly showcasing and/or adding to what you already have in the room.

  • Flooring

    We will work with various flooring professionals to coordinate materials and colors that serve both the functionality and beauty of your home.

  • Custom Bedding

    Create your dream bedroom by letting me help you choose from hundreds of unique, beautiful fabrics that will complement your window treatments and décor of the room.

  • Custom Rugs and Upholstery

    With thousands of fabrics to choose from, I can help you with the perfect color and style for your space.

  • Real Estate Staging

    When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are key.  I can help you prepare your home for showings that are design savvy.  It helps to know what factors can help sell a home, so let me help you get your home into selling condition in a timely manner.  It’ll make that great first impression for potential buyers.

  • Commercial Design

    Having had the opportunity to work on various commercial projects, each one is unique.  Please call for more details if you would like to partner in completing your project.

Let’s Explore the Possibilities

It’s simple to get started.  Feel free to call me at  317.590.8627 or send a message on my contact page.  I look forward to getting to know you and bringing my expertise, experience and insight to your project.  Let’s work together to create your vision.

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