Let me cut to the chase; I protect C-level executives from bad agencies or lazy in-house marketers. They won’t be able to fool me… guaranteed. Maybe they aren’t bad, maybe they are misguided, distracted or worse, maybe they aren’t provided direction. Whatever the case, I can make sure the money you are currently spending on marketing for your business is spent wisely. Think of me like insurance for your marketing dollars.

Where do we begin? First, I work alongside you to understand your goals, your sales process and vision for marketing your company. I get to know your products and services and your unique selling propositions. I look at your team, existing resources and contracts. I will know who your best customers are and why, along with what prospects you want to convert to clients and why. I review your marketing technology or lack thereof. I will know your business as well as your best employees know it!

After that, if you have an agency of record, I will review the agency contract, meet/interview relevant staff and review work done to date and overlay that work to your goals. I will ensure that the fees you are paying are on par with market rates and if not, I can create an RFP to find you a new agency partner.

If you have an in-house team, I basically do the same as above, except my focus becomes making sure you have the right people, in the right seat, on your marketing bus (Good to Great reference there). I will ensure that your team is working efficiently and that they have the tools they need to be successful. Lastly, if needed, I will help write job descriptions and interview potential employees to replace existing staff or to grow your team.

Are you excited? Do you think it’s too good to be true? Do you think you can’t afford me? The worst mistake you can make is not talking to me. Use the contact form and let’s have a short conversation to see if it makes sense to meet in person.