Skilled Nursing Facility Marketing

The last thing that an Administrator of a skilled nursing facility thinks about on a daily basis is marketing. Not only that, but most Center’s have been burned by over-promising marketing agencies or they don’t think they can afford ‘good marketing’. All that has changed. Our mission at Plan B is to make Administrators look good and Admission Directors happy. How? With our proven website and marketing deployment process.

  • Refreshing your old, out-dated website with a mobile friendly website that contains solid messaging and quality (non-stock) images which will relate to your prospective clients better.
  • Keeping that new website up to date (Staff, activity calendars, ensure web forms always work, employment opportunities, etc.).
  • Promoting your brand on Facebook and your services on Google.
  • Developing marketing materials for your admissions team to use when speaking with prospective clients and promoting your facility.
  • Advertising your facility on Google, Bing, Facebook and YouTube.

Our process will have your new website launched within 90 days and within another 60 days, your brand will look strong on Facebook and your services will promoted on Google. To top it off, we offer flexible payment options that help Center’s spread out the capital costs of a marketing program. Put us to the test, explore your opportunities. Here are two companies we have helped, see our results for yourself.